Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Morning Smiles

What happens when you mix a great night of sleep with a full tummy, a freshly changed diaper, two relaxed parents, and a big warm bed??

You get a very sweet, smiley little boy.

...and two very blessed, happy parents that would rather wake up exhausted at 5 am with this baby than have a million mornings to sleep in without him.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Outdoor Boy

We discovered very early that Mason really likes to be outside. Maybe it is the heat, maybe it is just how much there is to see, but whatever the reason, meltdowns melt away when we step out our back door. It is a great tool in this tired mama's arsenal. So, Mason and I did some "sun" bathing today (in the shade of course!) and I brought my new camera too.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of taking good pictures with my fancy camera. So far, I am employing the "rapid-fire" approach. I take tons of pictures and hope one or two look somewhat interesting. These pics are so-so, but the subject is as handsome as ever, and he's starting to show glimpses of his precious social smile.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our First Week Together

What an exciting, wonderful, exhausting, emotional week it has been! I have decided that the first week you have your baby home with you is not for sissies! Thank goodness for my mother who kept me fed and hydrated, and who spent the majority of the week calming Mason's or my meltdowns, sometimes both at the same time!

I learned a ton this past week, and as my mom drove away yesterday afternoon, I felt a twinge of fear but mostly I felt ready to try this "mama thing" on my own. Of course it doesn't hurt that God has blessed me with the world's most easy-going angel of a baby. I know things can always change, but Mason has put up with his novice mommy beautifully, helping me get the hang of nursing and bathing, sleeping and diaper changing without inconsolable crying or stress. I can't help but stare into his sweet face and wonder where he got his sweet temperament. This must be more from his daddy than from me.

We have had precious visits from so many of our favorite people. Of course both sets of grandparents, Great-Grandmother Sylvia, and the Conquests at the hospital... Great-Uncle Phil, Uncle Christian, Aunt Kathy, and cousins Ben and Rachel during the week, and a sweet visit from Auntie Sissy (Melissa,) Great-Uncle Jerry, Great-Aunt Susan, and Kevin over the weekend. Dear friends have stopped by too, Sarah, Kim, the Stines, and even Auntie Natalie came all the way from San Antonio to say hi. We are so blessed to have this wonderful support system!!

One frequent question I have heard is "how are the dogs coping??" The answer is a bit complicated!! Both dogs are curious about this noisy, smelly little being that is taking up so much of my attention. Harley (who I was the most worried about) is very protective and loving towards Mason. She is near us at all times, keeping an eye on how I'm doing. I think she feels frustrated with me when he cries!! Henle is feeling a little displaced, but I think she is adjusting. She is very used to being the center of attention, so she has spent a fair amount of time pouting. All in all, no major problems. It will be interesting to see how the dogs handle Mason as he grows and changes!!

We took a TON of pictures this week!! How could we not with such a precious subject? I know one thing for sure... life is so very good.